Thursday, April 3, 2008

In other news...

My dog walking business is flourishing. I have had quite a few referrals and my client list is growing. I am so exicted as this money is going right to our FET (#2) next month!!

I have quite a few dogs that I LOVE and one that, well, um, he's kind of a prick. He's a Scottie and only 11 months old but boy is he fiesty. He constantly attacks my feet when we're walking. Lucky for me his mouth is small so there is no damage to my little piggies, but man it still hurts. Then when we get back to the house I let him hang out a bit with me before I leave. And the jerkiness continues. In my head I'm thinking this little nut should be thanking his lucky stars that I don't shove him into a close. LOL. Just kidding. His owner told me to "scold" him when he bites but the dog is just oblivious. He's not very smart and doesn't know any commands. No sit. No stay. No down. No off. I'm glad he's not a very regular client as I'm starting to dread my visits with him. But as long as the owner's checks clear in my account...I'll be happy to do it :D

New topic...
I think my office is looking to replace me. I'm sure they hated how much time I've taken off for RE visits in the past 17 moths (including 6 weeks disability over Christmas). And now I have to put in for more time with my FET in four weeks. Plus all the regular time off I want for my vacation this year. I get paid too much to be missing this much work. I just have a hunch that they're interviewing people and when they find someone they'll let me go. I don't care as much about the job, I can always find a new one, but I'll be devastated if I don't have IF coverage.

As if I don't have enough stress in my life. Geesh.

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Newt said...

Oh gosh, I hope you're wrong about the job!

But the dog walking sounds fun. A Scottie can't do much damage, right? Maybe you can drop a gentle hint about obedience school.