Monday, April 14, 2008

Nurse Ratched, take two

Nurse K called back today at 5 pm. She was SUPER bubbly. She needed to know something totally trivial and I would swear that she was just making an excuse to call me. Just as I answered her question and was ready to hang up, she kept going...she asked what is a good phone number to reach me in case they have to. Um, hello, didn't you just call me? So wouldn't one assume this is a good number to reach me? LOL.

Anyway, I thought it was only fair that since I posted how nasty she was the morning that I should also post that she was cavity-maker sweet this afternoon. Hopefully she's that nice when I see her on Monday.

1 comment:

Newt said...

Um...this is starting to sound kind of scary. Is she crazy? Possibly just a little crazy?