Tuesday, January 25, 2011

21w 3d

First off, my big ultrasound went awesome. My little ones are measuring perfectly (even a few days ahead). And our Jake is about 25mg heavier than Jillian (still going with those names for now). We also got re-confirmation that they are a boy and a girl, and we got a great under-the-butt shot of Jake which we should save to show his future wife. LOL.

I've been sick with the flu for five days now and I've been miserable. I haven't had any good drugs to take so I'm just kinda suffering through it. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm just praying EJ and Ed don't end up with it. I was super fortunate that my Mom and SIL watched EJ so much for me so I could rest.

Oh, and all this coughing has catapulted me into new territory...I now wear Depends. Yup, those pad/underwear things for older women who can't control their bladders. That is me. My little girl has set up camp on my bladder and there is no amount of kegel exercises I can do to hold the pee in while I'm in a coughing fit. I've given up trying, so I'm embracing Depends. They're a little uncomfortable, but they stay much drier than expected. No more changing pads/underwear/pants four times a day for me. :-/

We move this coming weekend, and Ed has done an amazing job packing up the whole house basically by himself. I can't wait to get settled as I'm tired of living out of boxes.

EJ got his first Big Boy Haircut the other day. He screamed bloody murder the whole time, but boy does he look handsome! I haven't gotten a good picture since I've been sick but I will post as soon as I do.

Hope you're all doing well :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

18w 6d

I can't believe how bad I've been at blogging this pregnancy (and about EJ and my life in general). It never ceases to amaze me how quickly times flies and how little I seem to get done (laundry, getting my haircut, anything really).

Let's see if I can recap:

We've sold our house and bought a new one. We haven't moved yet - that will be the weekend of Jan. 28/29/30. We found a bigger home to house our growing family, and let's just hope we can afford it all :)

This pregnancy is getting physically easier in some respects. I'm not nearly as nauseous (knock on wood) and the exhaustion has lightened up a bit. My belly is pretty big. I think I'm as big as I was at around 24 weeks with EJ. I can't believe I'm at the halfway point. I have my BIG ultrasound on Thursday 1/13. Even though we already know we're having a boy and a girl, it will still be exciting to see them. I'm praying all of their parts looks just as they should and that they cooperate so the u/s tech can get all the proper measurements.

EJ turned TWO on New Year's Day. I cannot fathom how he's been with me for two years already. And yet, I can't imagine what my life was like without him. He's handsome and hilarious and he loves me more than anything...well, except Oreos. Haha.

I think that's it in a nutshell. I will post after my u/s on Thursday and hopefully I'll have some good pictures to share too. And speaking of the twins...what do you all think of the names Jacob and Jillian? Their full names would be Jacob Edward (DH is Ed) and Jillian Lynne (My Mom is Lynda). What do you think of the J and J thing??? And is it silly that they'd be "Jake and Jill". Haha - just things family/friends have pointed out to me.

Here is a picture of them taken on 12/20. Our little man is on the left and our girl is on the right. Sorry it's not a great photo. I took a picture of the u/s with my phone.