Monday, November 29, 2010

NT Scan

My NT Scan was last week and it went great. First off, the important part...the NT measurements for the twins were 1.8 and 1.4. So as long as the bloodwork comes back ok we seem to have a low risk of any abnormalities. I will go again next month for another bloodwork check to be sure there is no heightened risk. **Fingers crossed**

The scan lasted about an hour and I got a great look at the two babies. They are lying on top of each other - head to head - so it's like they're in bunk beds. Very cute :) The baby on top (baby B) was moving around so much and the bottom baby (baby A) was a lot calmer...we'll see if that holds true after they're born. LOL.

The u/s tech also turned on the 3D probe for a few minutes and I got a great picture of baby B's body and awesome shot of baby A's face. It's amazing to think that even with them being sooo tiny right now, they already are little people.

Tomorrow I have another check-up with my OB and I'll have another u/s then. I will get one at each visit since they want to be sure both heartbeats are going strong. I guess it's hard to differentiate the two with just a doppler.

EJ is great. We put up our Christmas tree this weekend and so far he hasn't fussed with it. I didn't want to get involved with the constant "no touch" of the ornaments, so we put them on the top half of the tree only. The lights go all the way down and he hasn't seemed too interested in them. We'll see how the next month goes. It's fun thinking of all the gifts Santa will bring him. He'll be two on NY's Day so he's at an age for the really fun toys like Mr. Potato Head and Sit n' Spin. All the good stuff we remember playing with as kids. I have a feeling we're going to go overboard at the toy store :D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BFP for a friend!

A friend of mine who has suffered many m/c's just did her first round of IVF. They did PGD to try to eliminate any more m/c's by picking the perfect little embryos. They transferred two GIRL embabies and her first beta came back at 98 at 13 dper. Beta two had a doubling time of 40 hours so she's very hopeful that this BFP will stick. She won't go for her first u/s until 12/6 (seems kinda late to me) but for now she's knocked up :D

Friday, November 19, 2010


I posted about two weeks ago that my SIL was doing her first IVF. They have a daughter already, but "only" needed the help of Clomid then. Anyway...they retrieved 41 eggs from her, 24 of which fertilized (without ICSI). They transferred two and froze three. And she had her beta today which was a BFN. I feel so sad for her and them. They were OOP for everything but the meds, so the money issue adds another level of suckiness to this.

I can't help but dwell on her percentages. If my math is right, she had a fert rate of only like 60%. And of those 24, only 5 made it to the blast stage. Another sucky percentage of about 20%. I'm not an expert on that phase of IVF, but am I right to think it's an egg quality issue? She's 36 and her RE told her that her age is against her, but I would have thought her chances would have been better.

In a few days when the BFN isn't so raw, I'm sure she'll have questions for me on what could have gone wrong. Not sure if she'll have a WTF appt with her RE or when that would be. But I'd like to have some guidance for her and to help with an answer or two in the meantime.

She'll be traveling to see her family for two weeks around Christmas, so I'm guessing they won't even think about doing an FET until the new year. I'm just glad they have snowbabies, because in the begging she said they weren't going to freeze any. It's just so hard to believe that out of 41 eggs retrieved, they only got 5 viable blasts. God I wish IVF was more of a guarantee.

In my news...I'm trucking along. Still quite nauseous, but I actually have good days sprinkled in between my yucky days. I'm enjoying eating everything I can, and two of it all saying "one for each baby!". LOL.

My NT scan is on Wed so I will be sure to post results afterward. Say a little prayer that everything is ok with my two little ones ♥.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

9w 5d

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post. Time flies when you spend your days puking :)

Everything is just perfect with the twins. I had my first OB appt today and we saw them both dancing around in there (they get their moves from their mommy). I'm getting sick at least once a day, but it's usually more. I've stopped the PNV's for a few weeks, and the Zofran is long-gone, so my constipation is going away. It's not normal yet, but at least we're heading in the right direction.

EJ is getting more active by the day and I'm getting more exhausted every day. I'm not sleeping well at night, but at least I don't feel sick when I lay down in bed. We're doing a lot more "big kid" things with EJ like coloring, play doh, etc. Those are the times I sit on the floor next to his little table and enjoy the "stillness". LOL.

I'm so lucky to have my Mom close by as she is a constant help when I'm just too sick to get off the couch (or out of the bathroom). She's all fun and games so EJ giggles and runs to the door just at the mention of "Mom-Mom". She's so wonderful to him...and the cookies & chocolate chip pancakes she makes are an added bonus to a 22-month old.

My SIL just had her ER yesterday...47 eggs! Holy sh!!t right? 24 fertilized and they're hoping to do a day 5 transfer on Monday. I really wish I could help her out more with watching my niece, but again my Mom is there to help out. My Mom is going to deserve a vacation very soon. Many days she'll have both kids at once since our appts always seem to fall at the same time. It's great how EJ and his cousin get along, but I'm sure my Mom would also enjoy sipping coffee and watching her soap operas. Haha. I swear I don't know what I would do if she wasn't retired!

Oh well, off to read some books to my little man :D