Monday, April 14, 2008

Maybe she's PMS'ing?

I called my RE's office this morning to say I had CD 1 over the weekend and I am starting my FET cycle now. Well, I got a huge bitch of a nurse to talk to. Now K is usually VERY nice but there was a bug up her butt today. First off I was annoyed because I've been seeing them for a year now and she couldn't remember who I was. I had to spell my last name three times for her to find my chart and she still didn't know who I was. Nice. Then she said she'd start me on BCP's right away and I butted in to say no that I'm doing a natural FET cycle. She put me on hold. Came back and said, who is this again? I said my name and she was like "ok, let's or you BCP's today". Ugh. I had to go through the whole thing with her again. Then she wouldn't order all of my meds at once (doxy, medrol, femtrace, P4). She'd just order the doxy and wait on the rest. I asked her to do it all together to make it easy for me so I just had to go to CVS once. She said no. Now I got annoyed becuase they always do that for me, and I've been through many cycles with them. She also told me to come in on CD 10. All of my other cycles had me going in on CD 3 for a baseline but she said no. No explanation or anything. So fine, I'll sit tight until 4/21. But now I'm annoyed. And that was it. She said good-bye and hung up. So I'm sitting here thinking she didn't say anything about aspirin or PNV's. I know I'm supposed to take them, but she seriously should have reminded me. So I called back ten minutes ago and got a difference nurse. I was concerned they didn't go over everything with me and wanted to verify it all with her. She said she'd order everything for me. Great. And then she said to be sure I take a daily PNV and baby apirin starting today. Perfect. Then K calls me back and said no they are not going to order everything for me just yet. She was so snooty I wanted to rip her a new one. But I know I need them to help me out so I was just all nice and sweet. It was so hard for me to bite my tongue! LOL.

So, in a nutshell, I'm waiting for my first appt on 4/12 which will be CD 10 for me.

They'll monitor me for O and I guess at that point I'll get my E2 and P4 prescriptions, along with my medrol dose pack. And I'm stewing b/c she was so rude. I hope she's not there next Monday but if she is, I'll do as my Grandmother always said and "kill her with kindness".


Newt said...

Good gravy, what was wrong with her? If she isn't normally like that, I would assume it was just a bad day. Maybe she got in a fender bender on the way to work.

Killing her with kindness sounds like a good trick. (It would be even better if it really worked and people would just fall over dead if you were really really really nice to them. But I'm a sick puppy.)

Bec said...

Wow - what a cow! Maybe she was PMSing but still!!!