Friday, April 18, 2008


I know I've vented about my SIL before, and here comes another one.

She has been TTC for over a year now, has had 2 m/c's (well, one was confirmed, her dr never confirmed the first one). She also has Factor V Leiden. She won't go to an RE. She is relying on everything her regular GYN is telling her. She's 34.

She only talks to me when she has a TTC related question. She just emailed me to say her dr finally is going to put her on Clomid and P4. But isn't going to do any monitoring.

That is driving me insane. I hate how GYN's think they can treat infertility. They don't have the education so I would never let a GYN treat me for IF. And I hate how ignorant my SIL is being not being her own advocate, especially when I've been through it all and can give her first-hand, honest advice.

Anyway, I told SIL my experiences with Clomid and why it's a good idea to be properly monitoried through bloodwork and ultrasounds. There are things that can go wrong during a Clomid cycle so it's best to be under the care of a board-certified RE.

She disagrees. Or she doesn't care. She doesn't really think she has a problem anyway. She is going by the fact that her GYN told her it was unnecessary to do all the b/w and u/s. She has also decided against the Heparin injections for her FVL because she doesn't want to take a daily shot and said she'll just "risk it" when she gets PG again.


I want to scream at her for this. Ed holds firm with the opinion that she must not really want a child. Or else she'd do all she could to make it happen. Either that or she's just a dumb bitch. LOL.

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Malloryn said...

Wow, that must be so frustrating! I hope she comes around and takes your advice someday soon.