Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Three

Taking Newt's lead, here are the three things I am most grateful for...

1. I too am grateful it is Spring. My 30th birthday is in (gulp) 19 days and I have always loved April. I love those first days of opening up the windows at home and getting that fresh feeling all through the house. I love the sound of the birds and I love seeing my Jimmy lounge on the deck for hours in the sun, only moving to chase the occassional squirrel through the yard. I'm so glad it's Springtime!

2. I am grateful that Rita's water ice is now open and that they have fat-free custard and sugar-free water ice. Mix them together in a wonderful guilt-free gelati treat!!!

3. I am grateful for the new outlets near my house. I went shopping with my Mom yesterday and with the awesome sales, I got three pairs of shoes for $40!!! Life is good :D

Your turn. What are the three things you grateful for?


Newt said...

I've never heard of water ice, but it sounds great!

Dagny said...

I am grateful that yesterday I saw a flower in my yard.

I am grateful that my dh is my best friend, and will always stand by me.

I am grateful that I have 4 cats that I love dearly.