Monday, May 23, 2011

We're all doing ok!!

There hasn't been as much sleep as I'd like, but we're all hanging in there :) The twins are great eaters, and pretty good sleepers. However, they're not totally on the same schedule so we're awake often through the night nursing/giving bottles. I don't feel as exhausted as I did with EJ; I guess I've gotten used to running on limited sleep. I really don't know how well we would have handled having the twins before our singleton, so I'm glad it worked out the way it did with them coming after EJ.

Someone asked me if either Jake or Jillian has their Daddy's eyes (in regards to the title of this blog)...well, without a doubt Jillian does. It's so neat to look at them looking at each other with the exact same shape of eyes. It will be interesting to see in a few months if she has the same color as he has too.

I wish I had more time to take pictures, but I snap one whenever I can with my cell phone. Here's one with Jake on the left and Jillian on the right. Oh, and we've taken to calling her "Jilly" which really seems to make EJ giggle :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Twins are here!!!

I don't have much time to type, so here are the basics...

The twins arrived on Thursday May 12th, which is their Daddy's birthday :)

Jillian Lyn - 8:14am - 5lbs 1oz, 18.25inches
Jacob Francis - 8:16am - 6lbs 3oz, 19.5 inches

They're doing time was needed in the NICU!!!!! I'll post pics as soon as I load them to my computer.

EJ is doing fantastic with them. He hugs them and gets upset if they cry...such a good protector already :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Full Term - WE MADE IT!!!

I'm am beyond-words-excited that our little twins made it to full term...36 weeks as of yesterday! I was told at the very beginning of this pregnancy that 50% of twins don't make it this far, so we were certainly preparing for them to come before today.

I had a growth scan on Thursday and Jillian (back to loving that name) was measuring small at 4lbs 7oz which is under the 10th percentile. Jake is 5lbs 7oz and growing very well. EJ was delivered at 5lbs 6oz so it seems they're similar in size at this point. The doctor recommended that we deliver this week to give Jillian the best chance to thrive on her own in the outside world. If we make it until then, I'll have my repeat c-section on Thursday May 12th, which just so happens to be my wonderful husband's birthday too :)

The doctor also ordered twice weekly NST's so I went for another one this past Friday. The protein in my urine was at +2 and I'm officially dealing with pre-eclampsia (just like with EJ). My peri said my bloodwork didn't come back "perfect" but levels weren't "alarming" either. I will go for another tomorrow (Monday) and then take it day by day until Thursday. We want to give the little girl as much of a chance as possible to reach 5lbs at the time of birth. Apparently that is the magic number for the NICU as well as the car seat limit. Come on little girl...GROW!!!!!