Sunday, August 16, 2009

I <3 Texas!

EJ and I had a wonderful trip to Texas. We also took my Mom with us to join the fun. Our flight left Tuesday morning and EJ was an angel the whole time. He looked around at all the people and smiled and played with his toys the entire 4.5 hour flight.

We got into Dallas at 2pm and Happy Hour Katie and her mom Patty met us at the airport. It was so great to see those smiling faces! We got settled into our hotel and they took us to an awesome place for dinner in Arlington...Tan's Mongolian Grill. It's really cool - you go through a buffet and fill your bowls with all the meat, fish, veggies and noodles you want. Then you add different sauces to get the flavor you want. You then bring it to the cook who puts it on a giant grill and adds an egg to it. Presto! Your meal is done, and quite yummy!

On Wednesday we went to the Dallas Aquarium. We met up with Fertile Rambler Kristin and she brought her niece and nephew too. That was an awesome time. It was so amazing to meet her in person. I know she posted the same thing, but it felt like I was meeting an old friend, like I've known her forever. And as if it's even possible, she's even funnier in person!

That night we went out for a great Italian dinner. EJ was a bit overly tired so I spent most of my meal comforting him. I don't mind one bit and cutting chicken is now something I can do with one hand. LOL.

Thursday we went to the Stockyards in Ft. Worth to see the Longhorns. They're enormous. Katie took great pictures all week so I'll post them once she sends them my way. We found this great spice shop and got some spices, flavored sugars and teas. And of course we went souvenir shopping. We had some real Mexican food for lunch, which was delicious. I just wish I had gotten time I will ;)

Katie's dad brought home dinner that night and it was yummy Texas BBQ...brisket, chicken, ribs and the yummiest rolls. Have any of you ever heard of Blue Bell ice cream? Apparently it's so good that Katie doesn't share, but she was nice enough to share her Pecan Praline with us. It was heavenly!

Friday was a really fun day. We picked up Kristin and headed to Southfork Ranch. You know, where the show Dallas was filmed. It's my Mom's favorite show so she was really excited. It was actually pretty cool to see. Then Kristin suggested a place for lunch called Love & War in Texas. They ordered deep-fried pickles (gross!) and loved them. I stuck to the deep-fried green beans. Kristin suggested that we all order chicken-fried steak. I had never had it before but Ed really likes it so I thought I'd give it a try. I could have eaten two of them.

We then brought Kristin home and we got to meet her hubby and her three dogs. I'm sure you've seen pictures of Steve and he is just as sweet in person!! He is a licker and almost knocked me over with his strong tongue...any lady-dog would be lucky to have him! LOL. That night we all went to Patty's for a BBQ. Kristin brought her DH and a bunch of Katie's friends were there. Everyone is Texas is so stinking nice!!

Saturday morning Katie and Patty took us to the airport and sent us on our way. I miss Texas already, but it's great to be home with Ed and snuggle up in bed with him. EJ slept most of today, but I'm sure he misses all those ladies loving on him :)

Oh and before I forget, thank you Kristin for not babynapping EJ. He's teething and seriously needs his Mama :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009