Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Follie check

Today is CD 12 and my dominant follie was about 11.5mm. The cyst went down in size (yeah!) and I go back again Saturday for another check.

I thought I'd give the whole pomegranate juice thing a shot. I believe it's supposed to help with implantation. Um, yeah, I'm going to have to go ahead and throw it out. It's pretty nasty. It's thicker than normal juice and the texture kind of grosses me out. Along with the deep red color, it reminds me of blood. Sick, I know. I've had that flavor before, maybe in the Starburst tropical fruit pack or something, and I could never place what the flavor was. Now I know. I tried the straight POM juice but I'm thinking I might give the POM-Cherry a whirl. Maybe that flavor won't be as "thick" or strong.

And I'm sure many of you have noticed this before but the grocery store mid-day during the week is stocked full of PG ladies. Baby bumps were everywhere I looked. That bummed me out a bit...


I heard one child shreaking at the top of his lungs. A good word would actually be "shrilling". And he wouldn't stop. And the mother just ignored him. And everyone started to stare b/c she wasn't doing anything about it. For that split second I was glad to have my world of peace and quiet. Then I thought, no, I would rather deal with a screaming maniac than go on one more day being "child-free". Then my third thought was, oh great I just jinxed myself to have a screaming nut as a kid. LMAO.

I just got off the phone with my pharmacy to order my meds for after my transfer. In an unmedicated cycle, it will still cost me $215 in meds: Medrol dose pack, Femtrace, hCG injection, PIO, Lovenox, and all necessary syringes and needles. Not to mention the baby aspirin, PNV's and doxycycline I'm already taking. Although, I know how much medicated cycles cost so I won't complain too loudly :D

And one more thing. I got some other good news at my appt this morning. I had mentioned in a previous post that they agreed to do this FET for only $1800 since we reached our max for IVF. Well, the nurse told me that also includes all of my monitoring so that means NO MORE COPAYS THIS CYCLE!!!! That is huge!! It's $40 each visit and that really adds up when I have to go three times a week. Yeah, doing the happy dance!!!


Newt said...

Oh, I just finished a bottle of pomegranate juice! I didn't get it for implantation (although maybe it helped!), but just for the antioxidants. I didn't mind it, but I almost always mix juice with water or seltzer to thin it out. It's pretty good with seltzer.

GL this cycle!

Busted said...

Glad to hear all is looking good. I plan to try Pom juice with my next cycle. Thanks for the warning about the taste/consistency.

Malloryn said...

So far, so good! It's always great to get good financial news as well :)

My drink of choice lately is a cranberry/pomegranate juice blend by Apple and Eve. It's a normal juice, not thick at all. I love the stuff -- my 'cranpom' is a regular on the grocery list! I didn't know about it possibly helping implantation but that is interesting.

Malloryn said...
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