Friday, June 20, 2008

My own Pomp and Circumstance

Ladies, I graduated from my RE :) :) :) :) :)

Nugget and I had an awesome appt today. My best ever. As soon as the dildocam went in, I could see our little baby waving his/her arms and legs. I have never been so pregnant before and have never seen my baby actually move. It was amazing and breathtaking. Nugget has a strong hb of 162 and measuring right on track. I just can't even believe I'm almost 10 weeks. It's truly a miracle.

My RE even got choked up, which took my Mom and I by complete surprise. He's always been one of those "machismo" kind of guys, complete with slicked hair and a nice sports car. Never would I think he'd be capable of such emotion. He gave me a letter to bring to my OB's on Monday and sent me on my way.

I feel so unprepared. I feel like I'm not ready for this. Honestly, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I scared to get too hopeful for fear of "jinxing" myself. Many of you know just what I mean by that. How do you let yourself get excited? At what point do you accept that you may actually have a baby in a few months? Will I ever get to that point or will it not come until I'm literally holding my baby? I got sick again this morning (only third or fourth time this pgncy) and I couldn't decide if it was from the baby or my nerves. At any rate, I'm going to have to learn a way to control my nerves. I can't allow myself to totally freak out every time I start to have doubts. That's not good for me or my Nugget.

Whatever the case I am eternally grateful to be at the point I am today. I'm pregnant today and I love my baby.

Love and hugs to you all.


K @ ourboxofrain said...

Hooray! I'm so happy for you, Maria. And good job practicing your affirmations!

momma mimi said...

Congratulations Maria! That's wonderful news.

Diana said...

Just keep reminding yourself everyday that you are pregnant and enjoy each day! Congrats on graduating!!!

Bec said...

So very happy for you hon :-)

Nine said...

Oh, that's so wonderful!!! I am so happy for you, nuggett, and your DH. I know it's scary, but just keep telling yourself what you've already said: YOUR PREGNANT!

Newt said...

Congrats to you and your DH and your awesome Nugget! That baby is on its way!