Friday, June 13, 2008

How important in hygiene really?

If you can't stand reading about throwing up, don't read today's post.
Consider yourself warned :D

Today has been pretty uneventful. I'm sure it's from the stress of worrying about yesterday, but I'm exhausted today. I spent the afternoon the couch and finally (4:00 in the afternoon) got showered and dressed.

And then I brushed my teeth.

And almost died.

I've posted before about my sensitive gag-reflex as a PG symptom and even if I'm having a good day, it shows it's ugly head when I brush my teeth. Usually, as the day goes on my m/s gets worse. I start to have a yucky feeling in my stomach and become very tired. I thought the shower would wake me up and make me feel better.

It didn't. I was starting to have the "hard swallows" and was concentrating on trying to settle my stomach. The very thought of brushing my teeth was making my head swoon. But this task is something that must be done every single day. It's not like a shower where you can skip a day (well, as long as you're not particulary offensive to your DH, LOL). So, I loaded up my toothbrush.

I have an electric toothbrush so the toothpaste gets nice and lathered up. As soon as the brush hit my teeth I knew I was in trouble. And in an instant I was doubled over the sink puking up the goldfish I had just eaten. Then I gasped for air and inhaled all of that frothy toothpaste. I was unable to breath. I saw my cell phone on my vanity and thought I need to call 911. Then I thought, well I can't speak so that wouldn't do me any good. I could text Ed to call 911 but what if he doesn't get it??

So I started banging on my chest to get the fluid loose and it all came back up. My throat is burning and feels like I swallowed nails, but at least I'm breathing.

I'm going to have to figure out how to get this toothbrushing thing down or else this will be a long few months with stinky breath. LOL.


Katie said...

Oh no! I wish I had some advice for the teethbrushing. Maybe you could get a regular non-electric toothbrush and use kiddie toothpaste until the m/s gets better.

Anonymous said...

Maria - Is it the toothbrush or the toothpaste that makes you hug the bowl? Toothpaste - you may want to try baking soda & water - make a loose paste - toothbrush - try a manual toothbrush with soft brushes. Not a dentist - just a thought. Hope you have a great weekend.

Newt said...

Oh, ew, I'm so sorry, Maria! I think Katie is right--kiddie toothpaste and a small brush.

I'm OK at brushing my teeth, but suddenly my PNV's are making me gag to take them. Never had to call 911 though!

Michelle said...

I had the same horrible toothbrushing thing when I was expecting my youngest. I would spend a lovely amount of quality time getting sick and then all I wanted to do was get rid of that awful lingering taste in my mouth and would try to brush my teeth just to end up hugging the toilet again! I went through every toothpaste flavor possible and FINALLY Close-up cinnamon toothpaste worked and I could brush my teeth and not get sick (now I did have to speed brush and not linger too long, but I did get the awful taste out of my mouth!). I hope this will help you, because that is really an awful thing to happen.

Kristin (kekis) said...

Ditto what everyone else said. Sorry it was so awful, but we're glad you didn't require the services of 911. Bet you won't whine again that you had no symptoms! ;)