Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cheers and Jeers all wrapped in one.

We found our foster dog, Reilly, a new "forever home". While I'm thrilled that her new home seems so perfect, I am so gonna miss her.

This was our second time fostering her and I thought for sure she was a keeper this time. But the little bugger likes to climb over our fence. I would be devastated if she got out and either lost or hit by a car, so I know it's best for her to go somewhere safer. Her new home has a 6-foot privacy fence so there is no way this little girl can escape that yard! Our post-and-rail fence (with wire meshing) just lost the battle with her. LOL.

The new family has another dog and a young daughter to play with so I know she'll have lots of fun. I've spoken quite a bit to the wife and she's so excited about getting Reilly. She's cute as a button so I know they'll fall in love with her just as quickly as I have.

I think Jimmy will be glad to see her go. He's loved playing with her, but I think he wants my and Ed's attention all to himself again.

In baby news, I go this Friday for another u/s and I'm praying constantly that I see the heartbeat. I've had moments of queasiness, but no steady m/s or anything. I'm hoping if all is ok with the baby, that my RE will let me stop my PIO injections and switch to either the pills or supps. That would be music to my ears!


Anonymous said...

I asked Katie last week if you still had Riley, so I am glad you updated about her. I know you are happy she is going to a good home.
Can't wait to hear about the drs. appt. Will pray for a good strong heartbeat.

Dreams Come True said...

That's awesome for finding Reilly a home where she'll be loved, happy, and safe with the 6 foot fence!

Good luck with your dr's appointment! I'll be rooting for a strong heartbeat as well! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

*nclm visitor*

Jill said...

Wow -- it is so wonderful that you foster dogs! I'm glad she found a good home. :)

GOOD LUCK at your u/s on Friday!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new home Reilly. It is always a good feeling to find a good home for these rescue dogs. Hopefully this family is a keeper for him. Good luck at the doctors and prayers for a very strong heartbeat.

Katie said...

I'm glad you found Reilly a permanent home. That dog must have some strong legs!

I always am praying for you, Ed, and the nugget, but of course I will say some extra Friday morning.

P.S. Patty is my mom, not some weird blog stalker.