Monday, June 23, 2008

First OB visit

Everything went well at my OB visit today but it was kind of rushed. We saw the baby, but the OB had a hard time finding it...he is no expert with the dildocam! At one point I told him he had to put it in farther. Normally the nurses do that. And he didn't give us a heartrate. Or do any measuring. Maybe since I was in to see my RE on Friday he figured everything was ok??? Whatever. No sense stressing over it.

He did refer me to the perinatologist in the practice since I'm high risk. That also means I'll be going every two weeks (yeah!) instead of the standard four weeks. So in two Tuesdays I will go to yet another new doctor. Hopefully this one will be a little more forthcoming with info. It was like pulling teeth to get today's OB to cough up any information. And his answers to my questions were very short, although I do have to say he was extremely nice. So, needless to say I'm hoping this other new guy has a little more time to spare.

He also told me about stuff to take for my nausea...Emetrol, or something like that. I'm going to take my first dose now so I'll let you know how it goes. I puked again this morning and have been feeling gaggy all afternoon so I need to try something. It's just wearing me down so much and I want to be sure I'm nourishing the baby enough. My OB said not to worry about it, but of course all you read about is how important it is to eat healthy when you're PG. I don't think our little nugget will grow big and strong on the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish I'm hooked on. LOL.

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Newt said...

Oh, those goldfish are sooooo good. I like the baked ones.

I graduated to the external u/s wand at 10 weeks. Hopefully you'll be done with the dildocam from now on. I hate that thing!