Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh, my blood pressure

I forgot to add to yesterday's post about my blood pressure.



I believe they like the denominator to be under 90. The nurse said it was high but she didn't seem concerned. I wasn't given any instructions on lowering intake of salty foods (but I will of course) or anything else to help lower by BP. This will definitely be a question for my peri in two weeks. Ah, just one more thing to stress over. Like there isn't enough already. Sigh.

Oh, and I ordered my doppler. It should be here by the end of the week :)


Ariella said...

I ordered mine too! I should get it by Friday! I am so excited about it.

pwoodtx said...

We have returned from Katie and Mike's. Five days with no internet was no fun but Katie did tell me about the graduation from the RE on Friday. Congratulations. Will keep prayers going for the little nugget, you and Ed. I am so happy for you.

Kim said...

Hope the bp gets better. I loved my Doppler!

Kristin (kekis) said...

Get that bp down, sister! (Like my hypertensive self has a right to give advice.) As you said, cut out salt, drink plenty of water & relax. Enjoy that doppler!

Tracy said...

Happy graduation!!

Were you a little anxious or excited about the OB appointment? Maybe that got your BP up. That or the gold fish! Wonder what their sodium content is? ;)

I had high reading (132/84) at my OB's three weeks ago. The doctor said it was okay. I was a little unsettled because it was a new intake nurse. (Yeah it doesn't take much to throw me off!) So when she took the reading I wasn't very calm.
I then started checking it regularly at the grocery and drug store. And at the past two doctor appointments, it was back to my normal lows that I've been getting.

Good luck with the doppler! Once you get a hang of the tricks, it gets easier.

Tanya said...

I don't think they get too concerned over one higher blood pressure reading. I had one during my pregnancy too and they made me lay on the table for 10 minutes to try and bring it down.

Baby and Me said...

I had high blood pressure too. I have never had high blood pressure. The nurse joked and said I must be just excited to be there,and I was she just told me they would be keeping an eye on me.