Monday, July 7, 2008

We spread the good news

We got to tell most of our extended family our great news this weekend. We didn't make a huge announcement (like the first time), instead we just told people one by one as we were chatting with them. It was nice to do it that way this time around. Of course everyone was thrilled and some aunts and cousins started to cry. It was great to deliver good news.

But of course there is always one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Ed's cousin and his wife have just decided to start TTC. They know most of the details of our journey. He thought it would be a breeze and always called her "Fertile Mertyl" because her sister has five kids and never had any problems. Well, it's been a few months for them and he's starting to freak out. I have a feeling he's thinking "OMG we're going to have to go through what Ed and Maria did" and is losing his mind over it. His wife was one of the ones that cried, she was VERY happy for us, but he didn't even say congratulations to us, he just started talking about his own issues. Whatever. Dickhead.

The rest of our weekend was good, although I had to miss out on going to fireworks Saturday night so I could stay home and puke. And we left my parents house a bit early yesterday to do the same.

It's all for a good cause...It's all for a good cause...It's all for a good cause. LOL.


Emily said...

Sounds like a great weekend - minus the puking of course! So glad you got to share your news with everyone - sorry the world revolves around some people and they always have to remind us of it. Dickhead is right :) Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Newt said...

I found it really fun to tell people, but also really scary. Haven't come clean to extended family or work yet--I'm such a chicken!

Hope the puking goes away now!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

Hooray for telling the extended family! Boo for the one dickhead of the bunch.

I hope the puking eases up soon!

momma mimi said...

Congrats Maria on telling the rest of your family! Sorry your DH's cousin had to be such a brat. He should have said congratulations and left their problems for a separate non-celebratory conversation. Hope your sickness eases up. Almost to the second tri!

Katie said...

How exciting to tell the family. I told Mike in the car "Maria is going to tell her family this weekend" His response "Tell them what" I thought in my head-everyone knows what that means! I'm glad it went well minus the one incident. Hopefully the puking will stop sooner rather than later!