Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fun times in our house!!!

Big news in our house, we got a foster dog. We own a Basenji named Jimmy and I love the breed. I help out with the rescue group and fostered once this July. It was great, but I was so sad to see the dog go even though we only had him for a week. Plus he went to friends so we knew he was going to a great home. Anyway, we came across this female who was neglected, starving and abused by the two Chow’s the owner had. So they agreed to surrender her to be helped out. She and Jimmy hit it off instantly, running around the house and yard like total nuts! She’s a little peanut, I don’t think she’s even 10 pounds and you can still see her ribs and bones (it breaks my heart). Jimmy looks like a giant next to her. She gobbled up her food this morning and was like velcro to me. She just loves attention and is super spunky and super cute.

I can tell she’s going to have an ornery streak in her like Jimmy too. My MIL calls him “curious” but that is far too sweat of a word for the little bugger. I’m such a sucker for dogs!

She slept all curled up with us last night, and Jimmy used her as a pillow…they were adorable together, so sweet it could give you a cavity. LOL. So this has obviously cheered me up, but I know I’ll be sad when she gets adopted…if we don’t end up adopting her. Hee hee.

I attached a few pictures, but it’s hard to see her face while she’s gnawing that bone. I couldn’t get it away from her and I swear it weighs more than she does.


Trish said...

She's so beautiful!

Tracy said...

Thank goodness she's been rescued! I think she's a perfect friend for Jimmy. (hint, hint) I hope you decide to adopt her.