Monday, October 22, 2007

I love my DH :-)

Finally, I’m in a great mood.

DH and I had a great weekend and he planned the whole thing. Friday night we had some wine, take-out and watched TV all night on the couch with Jimmy (our dog). It was so relaxing. I then slept the best night’s sleep I’ve had in almost 2 years. I didn’t budge all night long and slept in till 8:00. I’m usually awake by 6:30 on weekends (I hate that!). Then we hung around most of the day, reading, napping, and just chilling out together. Then we got ready to go out. We went to see a comedy show and then to an amazing Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner in Center City. It was an awesome night!!

On Sunday we took the train to NY to see “Grease”. It’s my all time favorite and I was thrilled to see it on Broadway. We had lunch at a nice Irish Pub and walked around the city for a while after the show. I got roasted peanuts from the vendor (still warm, yum!) and we each got $5 watches. They don’t say “Folex” or anything but they’re pretty good knock-offs. LOL.

We got in around 9:30 Sunday night, had some yummy KFC, and went to bed totally exhausted from our busy weekend.

It’s so good to be back among the Land of the Living!!!!

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Just a girl in the south said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend in NYC! We were there too, and saw a show, AND had lunch at an Irish pub! What a coincidence. AND, I would've been in the 2nd tri last week too. We were going to start telling everyone this week.

I just got your comment about the quote. I definitely don't mind if you use it. But, I didn't make it up! I read it a while ago and don't remember where. Take care!