Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One of those (bad) days...

I sent this email to a friend this morning and I thought it would make a good post. I just needed to get some feelings out and I know others feel this way. So here you go, you're not alone if you're in a sluky mood, too :D


I pray that I forget all of this someday. Well I know I will never *forget*, but I hope I don't remember how painful it was. I don't want to remember all the details, either of the m/c or of the IVF. After this m/c when I started to pass stuff I just told DH that I wish I could get that picture out of my head. I hope to forget someday. If our God is as merciful as we think He is, He will let me forget it.

The weather was great around here this weekend; I just LOVE this time of year. However, It's supposed to be warmer and humid tomorrow and I know that will put me in a grumpy mood. I'll be sulking anyway since tomorrow would have been the date we moved to the "safe" zone of our second trimester. I wish I didn't have that date so prominent in my head but I was focused on that date for 8 weeks, it's now hard to forget.

I went to my therapist last night and I didn't feel like we accomplished a lot. She talked about stuff that I found totally irrelevant, but I'm hoping she knew what she was doing with her line of questions.

Geesh, I'm the driver of the pity-party bus today. Stay away if you're in a good mood!! LOL. Forget you read any of that and go on your merry way of having a good day.

I'll go self-medicate myself with an ice cream cone to cheer myself up :D

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