Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You asked for it...

Oh I feel so bad embarassing my sweet little Reilly like this, but everyone asked me to post this picture. And as Dr. Girlfriend coined the term, it's quite patharious (a combination of pathetic and hilarious). She's right! This is my foster (she's a Basenji puppy) and she's one of the sweetest dogs I have EVER met. I'm going to have a hard time giving her up when we find an adoptive family.

Here she is with doggie diaper on. As I posted before the little squirt got AF before I did so I had to put something on her and I had no way to affix my maxi pads. So off to Petco my DH went and came home with diapers that have the little hole cut out for the tail.

Doesn't it just make you smile? LOL.

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Busted said...

Poor puppy! I love it though.