Monday, November 5, 2007

AF paid my house a visit...but not to me...

For the love of all things good, you have got to be kidding me!

As I posted below, you can see that I’ve been fostering a little female dog. Well, she got her period yesterday. Now how unfair is that!! My little canine companion gets a visit from AF but she’s still MIA for the past 42 days for me!!!

I guess the AF gods were taking me a little too literally. When I said to pass AF on to my house, I should have specific her to visit ME and not my dog!!! GEESH!!!!!!!!

I'm still hoping to O in the next day or so. I'm charting my temp so I will know when it happens and then when I can expect AF. DH has been sick for days so there has been no BD'ing for us (ho hum). Not that I really think it would work for us, but my goodness I would love one more chance at doing it au naturale before I start my BCP for my FET. Maybe I can coerce him tonight? I'll load him up with NyQuil and just as he gets drowsy and weak, I'll pounce on him. LMAO.

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gracechild said...

Dogs have AF???!!! i never heard of that. wow!!