Friday, November 30, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been Tagged by Trish. It's my first and I have to say I quite enjoyed it ;)

Here are 8 things about me I'd like to share:

1. I have wicked curly dark hair. I mean curly-curly. Not just your regular old curly. And it's super thick. Each strand is like dental floss. LOL. Strangers come up to me telling me they love my hair but I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can never just roll out of bed and look ok. I have to shower and style my hair every damn morning. Oh, and in the summer the humidity wreaks havoc so I just pull it into a pony tail. I wish I had Cameron Diaz's hair.

2. I was in a coma for 6 weeks when I was 19 and a sophomore in college. I had pneumonia and it developed into ARDS. I had a traecheotomy (sp?) and 9 chest tubes. I had an x-ray every single day for 10 weeks and I'm wondering if that caused my IF. My RE says no, but I'm not 100% buying that.

3. I own a Basenji. His name is Jimmy and he'll be 4 in January. He makes me laugh every day. If my DH would allow it, I'd have a whole pack...and let them all sleep in bed with us :-)

4. I used to be a cheerleader. I started when I was 10 and cheered right on up through college. I am 5' 5" and used to be 115 lbs and a great athlete...not so much anymore :-(

5. I am a financial analyst and wish I picked any other career than this. I would love to be a teacher or a graphic designer. Maybe in my next life.

6. My Mom is my best friend.

7. I never thought in a million years would I have to deal with IF but if there is any positive side to it, I am so glad I have met all the wonderful ladies on the TTTC and PGL boards. They give me the drive and the ability to keep going :-)

8. I don't like ice cream with any chunks in it. I love Ben and Jerry's but I spit out all the stuff and just eat the creamy yummy ice cream. My DH laughs at me but ice cream is supposed to be SMOOTH, not full of lumps!!

Let's see who I should tag...I'm just going to do 6...
Girl in the South


Tracy said...

I don't know what it means to be tagged! Sorry I'm a novice blogger.

Wow, you are a miracle with gorgeous hair. :) Yes I have fine straight hair and envy women such as you.

I finally out grew my aversion to crunchy/hard textured things in soft foods. I used to hate nuts and sprinkles in ice cream. It took me 35 years but I can know enjoy B&J ice cream with the best of them. No spitting required.

I'm glad we've become friends, Maria. You are an absolute sweetheart.
It would be perfect if only our email worked!

Ariella said...

My mom is my bes friend too! Do all your friends think it is kinda wierd when they first met you and then after a while start wishing they had a mom like yours? Because EVERYONE of my friends has thought it was wierd till they met her and then they wish she was thier mom too!

Leah said...

I would be mad at you for tagging me, if it weren't for your cute dog giving me puppy eyes with the "don't be mad at me" look. :-)

Just a girl in the south said...

That was fun! DH is an accountant/financial analyst too, for a REIT. Where do you work? I don't envy the work you do. I don't think I could handle it! Thanks for sharing the great info about you!!

Tracy said...

Ok, now I know what it means to be tagged after reading Trish's blog.
This will be my project this weekend when I get home. Thanks so much, Maria. LOL