Monday, November 12, 2007

Reilly was adopted :-) and :-(

As you can imagine, I have total mixed emotions about it. I am so sad she’s gone. She was the cutest little peanut I’ve ever seen, and she made me laugh constantly. However, I’m so happy we found her a great “forever home”. The family came on Sunday and their dog instantly started playing with Reilly. Their daughter was thrilled to have her sleep in her bed, so I know she’ll be loved. It’s just hard to let go. I cried, of course. But, just like my prior foster, she will go on to be very happy and now we have room in our home to foster another dog needing some TLC. I have a great picture of her I’ll add to my collection, and in case you’re wondering, NO it won’t be the one of her in the diaper. LOL.

Nothing new on the TTC front. I think I’m 6 dpo so this is my first 2ww after my m/c. I’m not holding out much hope and just praying AF is on time so I can start my BCP for the FET next month. DH and I have gained our wonderful sex life back. Since we haven’t had the stress of having “TTC sex” or not being able to have it at all, it’s wonderful to be back to our old selves in that department!

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Tracy said...

I'm glad Reilly got a good forever home! I almost cried reading this.

Good luck to you, Maria! I'm praying for you.