Saturday, May 24, 2008

Annoying couple of days

I was so sick yesterday. It started Thursday afternoon with what I thought was just allergies. I was sneezing like a maniac and my eyes were watery itchy. I've had allergies since I was 8 so this is nothing new for me. Then I felt worse and worse and Thursday evening wore on.

Then I woke up Friday feeling like total crap. I barely slept since I could hardly breath so I was exhausted from the get-go. I stayed on the couch all day. Luckily I didn't have any pets to visit so I stayed in my PJ's all day. It felt like a bad cold, I had a terribly sore throat and my sinuses were all stuffy and very sore. I was miserable. I didn't eat much excpet a muffin and some fruit. DH ordered dinner and I couldn't eat much of it since it was hard to chew with my nose all stuffy. Plus, I could barely taste a thing.

I took some Tylenol allergy PM (ok'd by my RE) and slept pretty well last night. I feel a bit better this morning, but still stuffy and just tired overall. Then I go to the bathroom. As always, I'm on TP Patrol and notice some brown spotting.


Just what I needed today.


Anonymous said...

Think positive - think positive and we will all be thinking positive thoughts and prayers for you. Rest over this long weekend.

Newt said...

Oh shoot. I know spotting is awful, but hang in there. It could be lots of things that still mean the pregnancy is OK.

Hope the cold goes away, and you can get some food and proper rest. Thinking of you, Maria.

Katie said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling crummy! I'm thinking about you!

Diana said...

Oh try not to worry! Brown spotting is still ok! I know it's hard though, hang in there.

calliope said...

here from nacomleavmo.
sending you lots of positive energy.

Nine said...

I think brown is not bad -so hang in there and hopefully it'll end soon. That sounds lame, I know, but I'm thinking of you!