Monday, May 5, 2008


Here is my 6x6, as posted by Glow in the Woods.

1 In a word, how would you characterize yourself before your loss, and then after? Before: Naive
After: Skeptical

2 How do you feel around pregnant women?
Jealous. Sad. Angry. Jealous.

3 How do you answer the 'how many children' question? None yet.

4 How did you explain what happened to your lost baby to your living children? Or, if this was your first pregnancy, will you tell future children about your first? I don't have any children, but of course I will tell them what I've been through in order to conceive them.

5 What would another pregnancy mean to you, and how would you get through it—or are you done with babymaking? Another pregnancy would mean the world to me. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to get through it but I'm sure "one day at a time" will be my steady mantra.

6 Imagine being able to step back in time and whisper into the ear of your past self the day after your baby died. What would you say? This is not the end of the world. You will go on and you will be stronger. You will be a more compassionate person. You will learn that you have a path laid out for you that entails helping others through their journey as they help you through yours.

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