Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1

That’s what is wrong with me.

My RE called me at 9 pm last night with my RPL blood panel results. He went down the list of all the tests they did (all 17 of them) and he kept saying Test A – negative, Test B – negative, Test C – negative, etc. Until he got to the last one…Text PAI-1, positive. Only positive is a bad thing. BUT it’s a good thing because we now have something to try to fix! (Did you follow all of that? LOL). It’s a blood clotting disorder and there is something like I should have 4G-5G, but my gene repeats as 4G-4G (or whatever he said). I was trying so hard to follow him but my mind just kept going “YEAH!! THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WE CAN FIX!!!”

I felt a huge wave of warm relief flow over my body. Should I be lucky to have another BFP, we will start immediately with Lovenox injections…piece o’cake!!

And then it sets in…dear lord I have to go through this again. I’m praying that all three of our totsicles thaw and we have a successful FET, but what if they don’t? What if I have to do another fresh IVF cycle? That will take some time to prepare mentally and physically for yet another assault on my body. I have rather enjoyed the past two months were we didn’t have to make the trek to the RE’s office a few times a week and I didn’t have to keep a schedule of my injections/medications. It’s been somewhat peaceful. I’ve been sleeping better and feeling happy (for the most part). Ed was kind of upset to find out the waiting is over and we have to make a decision on whether or not to move forward, and if we do, when? Should we take more time off? Should we jump right back on the horse?

I started out wanting a 2006 baby and now we’re on to wishing for a 2009 blessing. The time has flown so what’s another few months to make this decision? But I don’t know how I will handle seeing AF the next few months. I know I say it all the time but IF has made me totally bipolar! One second I feel one thing, but them I like heck no, and decide something else. LOL.

The bottom line is that we now have an answer to what has caused my three miscarriages and I couldn’t be happier that it appears to be an easy fix. But the prayers continue.


Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

I am glad you got an answer - I know it sucks to actually have something wrong.

But, if fixing this means success then it is great news.

Good Luck to you!

K & J said...

Oh my goodness - I am so excited for you (I hope you don't take it the wrong way). I am so sorry for everything that you have been through, but I am so glad that it is something that they can fix....

I enjoy reading your blog and I am going to be sure to keep reading it!

Good luck!!

Katie said...

I'm glad you finally got some answers. I'm so happy for you. I think I might be more excited for you to have a baby than myself. Maybe we can be pregnant together!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I'm sorry that you had to go through so much heartbreak to find out, but am really happy that you now know what's wrong (and that it's fixable!) and can start thinking about moving forward again. Best wishes!

Trish said...

well, an answer is a relief.. Praying for you guys!