Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Old habits die hard.

After spending the better part of two years scrutinizing my cycles, it's hard to ignore all that stuff. I just went to the bathroom and I think I'm about to O. Even though we KNOW we need ART to conceive, I still get excited at the possibiliy of BD'ing and conceiving on our own. Stranger things have happened, right? So, I will have to jump Ed tonight and give it a shot on our own. Since my D&C was this month we won't have a medicated or assisted cycle, and I would just love to be one of those couples who was "on a break" when they got their surprise BFP.
**Keeping all fingers and toes crossed**

On a different note, my foster dogs look like they'll be adopted this Saturday. I'll be sad to see them go, but I will be thrilled to have some serene moments in my house again. The past 9 days have been a constant state of chaos. It's fun at times, but man do I miss sleeping in! I have been up an hour earlier than normal every day before work and there was no chance of sleeping in this weekend. I'm sure Jimmy will miss his playmates too. I'm just glad we can help out this way and save dogs from being put into shelters (or even worse).

And on a third note, I think I've come up with a cute name for my dog walking business...

The Lucky Puppy
A Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service

My friend has also thought of a cute logo. Here it is, we have some tweaking to do with the graphics but this is the general idea. And then we need to create my website. Now how in the world do I do that?? Hpefully she'll know :-)


Ariella said...

I am on a break because of a cyst and late period and would LOVE to concive this cycle too. Maybe it will be our lucky month?

Diana said...

Very cute name!!!

Good luck with your O, that would be wonderful if you were one of those "off cycle" fortunates!

Busted said...

That graphic is so cute! And Jimmy gets to be famous!