Monday, February 4, 2008

Reminders are EVERYWHERE

I took my niece and nephew to see the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana movie Saturday night. It was pretty cute. All of the kids in the audience where singing along and I could see my niece's eys sparkle when her favorite song came on. And them my nephew blused when I asked him if he liked Miley. It was just so sticking adorable. Then I felt like I was smacked in the face. All of a sudden I was thinking that I may never be able to enjoy these kinds of things with my own kids. All of the parents were doing all they could to make their children happy and enjoy this special occassion, and there I was with a lump in my throat. Then it got worse. She sings this song about her Grandfather that passed away and how much she misses him. It's funny how loss is the same whether it's a grandfather or an unborn child. There is still hurt. There is still lost hopes and dreams. There is still the wanting more time with that person. I can only say thank goodness we were wearing our 3-D glasses so nobody had to see me crying at such a silly movie.

We also found an adoptive home for our two fosters, Toby and Chloe. I got an email this morning and they are doing well and playing with the family's other dogs. I'm so happy that those two had such a happy ending. I'll miss T & C but this is the best circumstances I could have hoped for. That gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling I've been needing lately.

I go this Friday for bloodwork to see if my beta is down to zero yet. Considering I think I O'd six days ago I will be very shocked if it's not at zero yet...unless that means we got PG on our break cycle...wouldn't that just be beyond wonderful? I can't even bear to get excited and hopeful about that. So for now I'll put my blinders on and not think about it until my appt this Friday. Oh my, I can tell this is going to be a long week. LOL.

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Tracy said... I see why we're praying for good results and not just negative on Friday. LOL! I forgot about your timing last week. This could be interesting. ;) Good luck, sweetie.

I think you are an awesome aunt and will be an awesome mom. I hope you get your chance soon.