Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Maybe God IS listening to me??

With all of the bad stuff happening to me and those I care about in the past few years, it's no wonder it would make me question if there is a God or not (or questions His power over our lives).

I sob when I hear the song "Unanswered Prayers" by Garth Brooks. It's as if he is singing directly to me through my car stereo. Then I start to ask if I'm not meant to have a baby, then what the heck am I meant to do?? Or is NOW just not the right time? Is there something I have to do before I can start my family? Please give me any hints, God, as to what I'm supposed to be doing with my life right now if having a baby isn't it.

My last post was all about me needing a new "project" to focus my energy home, new foster dog, something - anything - new.

And then my phone rings this morning.

It's my dog walker. She is telling me she is moving an hour away and she's here for only 8 weeks more. I'm sure she was expecting me to get very upset at the thought of losing her (she is FABULOUS and my Jimmy loves her). But instead I suddenly was filled with as much joy as I'm capable of right now.

For the past two years I have dreamed about starting my own pet sitting/dog walking business. I currently work as a financial analyst and I'm getting sick of the daily desk job doing the same thing day after day. Numbers are totally boring to me and with all that my life has been lately I certainly find it hard to concentrate at work. I'd give anything to be outside spending time with my four-legged friends. So after spending some time on the phone with her she agreed to recommend all of her clients to me to take over when my walker moves. How awesome is that!? The hardest part of starting your own business is building clients/customers so how great would it be to be handed a few dozen people who would otherwise be up sh!t's creek without a walker for their furbabies?

So here is my new project. I need to get licensed and bonded, take animal CPR/First Aid and a bunch of other stuff like that. I need to come up with a great name (my walker is the Fairy Dogmother) so please post all of your great suggestions!

Now I may still need to work a regular job part time to make up for some of the money but I owe it to myself to doing something that will make me happier than I've been over the past two years. Oh I know I'm crazy, but this is the most excited I've been in a long time. Nothing else but procreating has been on my mind since March 2006 so maybe this will be great to get me focused on something else for a while? Obviously I'm not giving up on my dream of having a family but this will just keep me happy in the meantime.

Please God, answer this prayer and help me make this happen!


Just a girl in the south said...

That's a great idea Maria. I'm glad that you've found something to focus on. Good luck with it and take care!

Katie said...

I love that idea Maria. I've always thought about starting a dog walking business. If I come up with any names I will let you know!

Diana said...

YAY for something new to do coming up!! That sounds like fun!

Amy said...

I tried to reply to your comment on my blog - I guess you just can't just hit "reply"

Anyway, this is my response to your comment:

Waiting IS the hard part. For me, the 2WW is NEVER 2 weeks, I always test early so for me it is like the 10DPO wait.

I never phases me until about 8 DPO. Days 1-7 I really do not even
think about it. THen 8 dpo hits and it is like time stops.

I am trying to keep myself busy too. I am a crafty person so I was thinking about making yet another blog called "a craft a week" and focus on making a different craft each and every week and post instructions and pictures on the blog.

We will see how that works out.

Good luck on your venture!!

Malloryn said...

Best of luck with this, Maria! It is fantastic to start with a group of clients already. I would love working with dogs myself, I just love them.

Tracy said...

That's great, Maria! It doesn't get any better than that when you have a client list set up already. What a great score!

Good luck with everything, sweetie. I pray God hears you and pours out a blessing upon you.

We share music tastes...I just imported (ripped?) a bunch of Jimmy Buffett music into my ipod. And Unanswered Prayers is in my "Sad" playlist with some miscarriage/infertility songs.