Monday, August 27, 2007

Waiting by the phone...

Back from vacation and it was great to relax for four days. I love the beach and it was so peaceful. I told my family our great news and my Mom cried instantly. She was thrilled for us, and so happy that she’ll be a grandmother again J

I went for another beta today and I’m waiting for the results. I also had an u/s and I could see one little embryo!! It was amazing to see. My RE said there could be another one or two that pops up since we’re still so early. I would love to have twins/triplets so we wouldn’t have to go through this IVF thing again, even though we have frozen snow-babies. We would just end up donating them to a couple who was unable to produce their own “embabies”. I would love to be able to help someone else out like that.

Well, back to sitting by the phone waiting for my nurse to call with the beta results. Pray for a high number…we’re at 18 DPER so anything over 1000 would be good for us!

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