Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14, 2007 - ET was today

Everything went very well at my ET today. It was a day-5 transfer and I have 3 'excellent' blasts in me right now. One was actually starting to hatch in the picture my RE gave us. It looks like my HS science book and I find it all so fascinating!

My cramps are getting better, but still very much here. My nurse said today would be the worse of it and I should feel better each day. I hope she's right!!! I have had all of the s/e that she mentioned after my ER and they are 10x worse than IVF #1. Constipation was new this cycle and I'm getting over that now...I don't know which is worse: the actual constipation or getting over it. Blech.

I'm on 24-hour bedrest so back to the couch I go to watch some movies and eat ice cream :-)

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Busted said...

Ugh - bedrest doesn't sound like fun, but there are worse things than watching TV on the couch, right? Good luck, sounds like your transfer went well!