Thursday, December 27, 2007

First u/s today...*maybe* twins??!!!

I went for my first u/s this morning and we most definitely saw one perfect little black hole with a perfect little yolk sac inside it. Then we saw another smaller black hole. The nurse guessed it wasn't viable, but my RE said he'd give us a 20% chance that it will continue to grow. I could use some great baby dust ladies!!

I haven't posted in a few days so I'll give a quick recap. As you can imagine we had a great Christmas since we got awesome betas a few days ago. We have only told our parents and one set of siblings on each side. It's hard keeping the secret, but it's even harded to tell of a m/c so we're keeping our lips sealed this time, at least until 12 weeks (not that that is totally a safe zone). I'm just 5w 3d today so we still have almost 2 months to bask in the glory of our little secret for now. It will be tough to avoid drinking in public on NYE so we'll have to be crafty in hiding my virgin drinks from nosey family members.

I've been feeling fine except for a few moments a day of being light-headed. My RE said this morning that I just need to be sure to always be full of healthy foods since the placenta is now starting to draw nutrition from my body. Honestly though, I think it's my nerves. I've been a basket case since I got my BFP. Don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED to be PG but SCARED TO DEATH that I'm going to lose this one too. It would be my third in a year. Ugh.

Wait, scratch that...I'm thinking positively now...THE THIRD TIME IS THE CHARM :D


Just a girl in the south said...

Wow! Twins! I'm praying that they both grow and thrive!! Good luck keeping your secret.

Katie said...

Oh I will definitely say an extra prayer for you tonight! I'm so happy for you Maria

amy said...

So happy for you. Enjoy your little secret.


tryingin2007 said...

twins! wow!

wishing you (the three of you) tons of powerful baby dust.

Diana said...

Twins, how exciting!!!