Monday, December 10, 2007

4 dpFET

4 days past FET. And I'm doing well.

My DH has been off so many days this year with all of our treatments and m/c's so he was unable to go with me for this transfer :( Luckily my Mom went with me. I just couldn't be alone.

We got to my RE's office at 9:00 Thursday 12/6 and they brought me back to the transfer room and gave me the news... ALL FOUR TOTSICLES SURVIVED THE THAW!!! And they were all "excellent grade"!! We couldn't have asked for better thawing results. They transferred all four with picture-perfect results and they rested way in the back of my uterus, prime real estate for nestling in :)

So now I sit and wait. And pray they stick. I was on strict bed-rest for the two days after the transfer and now I'm on modified bed-rest. I'm not taking any chances here. I"m rubbing my belly a lot and talking to my embabies and praying they'll stay with me.

I don't go until 12/20 for my beta so I've got quite a few more days of praying ahead of me. Oh how I wish they're still in there!!!!!


Just a girl in the south said...

Good luck Maria! Stick embabies, stick! I hope this is a successful cycle for you. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Diana said...

Good luck!!!!! Hoping the 20th comes super fast!!

Tracy said...

Come on sticky embabies!
I can't wait until you get the good news from your beta.
Dec 20, hurry up!
I'm praying for you, Maria.