Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our lunch date

Many of you wonderful ladies chat with Katie of the Happy Hours, and those that don't probably have heard me mention her about a thousand times in my posts. Well we got to meet in person yesterday! We live about 3.5 hours apart so we found a place that was half-way. I left my house around 10 am and I swear EJ was asleep within minutes. I knew I had 100 miles to go so I thought he'd be awake at some point in my journey. He wasn't. He slept until I literally pulled into the parking lot. Yeah little man!!!

A few minutes before I got there I get a text from Katie telling me she just got a bloody nose from her allergies and not to be alarmed at the blood. So I pull up and lucky for her I had a new pack of baby wipes with me to help clean her up a bit. We go inside and she has a little gift bag with toys for EJ and the sweetest Mother-Son book for me. I just love how thoughtful she is :)

We had a great lunch...including peanut butter & chocolate cake for dessert...and we spent time chatting about our DH's, IF, PG Loss, her Mom Patty (who many of you know as well). EJ was so good and was happy to sit and play with his new toys. Just as he was getting fussy, it was time to go and he fell asleep before we even left the parking lot...and didn't wake up until I pulled into the driveway 100 miles later! Woohoo!! EJ got two gold stars in the car for that trip! LOL.

Here are a few pics of me and EJ. I really wish I would have had my brain attached and taken pictures of Katie with EJ. Katie, remind me to do that when we see each other next month!!!


Patty said...

How about I take pictures of both of you with EJ. She got all her photography skills from me LOL.

Katie said...

I'm glad you had fun too and weren't put off by my little nose incident. Don't trust Patty with her photography skills ;)