Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The good old days.

These were the days when EJ would sleep anywhere from 7 to 9 hours every night. He'd sleep happily in his cradle and wake with a little stirring and I'd have time to get his bottle ready before he actually woke and started to cry.

Those days are gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.

Now he has reverted back to waking every three hours, quite loudly I might add, and he never really goes back into a deep sleep. He jolts his eyes open every time I lay him down in his cradle so we're back to co-sleeping just so I can get any sleep possible when he dozes off.

What's the sudden change you might ask? We believe it's teething. While it does seem a bit before the normal 6-month mark (he's just 4 months old) it's not unheard of. He's drooling & blowing bubbles quite a bit and he will gnaw on everything his tiny hands can shove in his mouth. He's doing a bit of "grumbling" and just seems uncomfy when he would normally just chill and hang out in his jumperoo. We have his 4-month pedi appt tomorrow so hopefully she'll be able to shed some light on this. Maybe it's teething, but maybe he's just going through a rough phase.

At any rate, he still makes me smile whenever he smiles at me and I would do anything for him to make him happy :)


K @ ourboxofrain said...

I'm sorry for the nights of hideous sleep :( It may be teething, but it may also be the four month sleep regression. See here for more on this particular one or here for more on sleep regressions generally. On the positive side, the tend to just end on their own; on the negative side, you can't do much to end them quicker.

He is so sweet, though, even if he isn't sleeping well!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart :)

Newt said...

Oh my gosh he is cute.

I'm glad you had some good old days. We're approaching 4 months, and the little one has never actually slept 7 hours in a row. Five is about his limit, but three is more typical. I sure hope we don't have a sleep regression. I don't know where we would regress to!

Hope the adorable EJ gets his sleep mojo back soon. Hope the teeth pop through quickly and he can be his happy self again!

kjames106 said...

My son got his fist tooth at 4 months old. He had pretty much all his teeth by 15 months. EJ quite possibly be teething. It sounds like it to me! Hang in there, it'll pass.