Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still in the dark.

First off, please keep say a quick prayer for my dog Jimmy. He's going in for surgery tomorrow and of course I'm very anxious. He will be put under general anesthesia and I'm hoping he doesn't have a bad time with it (Katie, reading about Wilson is making me very nervous!). I'll be without him all day tomorrow so I'll have to think of something to do to keep my mind occupied so I don't fret about him all day.

Well, I didn't get an u/s at my appt today. My peri said as long as the heartbeat sounded good (which it did) there was no need for the u/s. So we have no idea what gender Nugget is. Bummer. I was pretty disappointed. But then I scheduled my Level II for 9/4 (a whole month away) and that is giving me something to look forward to. I"m sure the month will fly but from where I'm sitting now it seems like an eternity. The best part of the visit was finding that my blood pressure is down to 100/80....Woo-hoo!!!!

In other baby news...Ed and I went grocery shopping over the weekend and he spent most of the time laughing at me. Apparently I look quite funny when I bend down to get stuff from the bottom shelf. He just doesn't understand that my belly is getting big and firm so it won't squish when I bend over. I wasn't the most graceful sight I'm sure. And I also have started to waddle. I still gag when we get close to the meat department and I won't go within five feet of it. He just laughs as I turn green. I'm so glad to be so entertaining ;)

Ed is also quite thrilled that our baby is currently the size of a beer can (about 4.5 inches long). I have the size chart on our fridge that shows what fruit/veggie baby is the size of each week. He has crossed off this week's avocado and wrote "Bud can" in its place. He's also pretty entrigued with the fact that Nugget is peeing inside me. I swear he turns into a seven year old boy whenever pee/poop/farts are mentioned. Oh the things that make men laugh.

Anywho, I'm still puking every day but at least some of my nausea has subsided. Getting sick just jumps out at me randomly, and especially when I brush my teeth. I'm glad to be hungry again and I've actaully gained 3 lbs so far this pregnancy. I chalk that up to my sudden interest in ice cream again. I couldn't eat it for the first trimester, but suddently around 14 weeks I've needed a milkshake every night. That reminds me...I ate the last of our ice cream last nigh. DAMMIT!!!! I guess I'll be calling Ed to get me some one his way home from work :)


Katie said...

I of course will say a little prayer for Jimmy. He will do great. Wilson is just weird :)I'm sorry you didn't get to find out the gender. Mike turns into a little boy too whenever someone mentions farts.

P.S. Sorry about the venting in my e-mail the other day. I hit send and thought "she's gonna think I've lost my marbles"

Erin Fae said...

My husband is obsessed with the peeing thing to. He's very interested in the whole first poop thing too.


Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers Jimmy's way!

Diana said...

YAY for your blood pressure going down!! Sorry about no us but a month will fly by!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

I am sending vibes for Jimmy :)

Yes, and all men turn into little 7 year old boys when the subject is pee - poop - farts, etc.

Trust me - even teenagers are like that.

The beer can is kind of funny!

Newt said...

Love to sweet Jimmy. I have a feeling he will do great.

And boo to no ultrasound! I want to know if that's a he-nugget or a she-nugget you've got!

Emily said...

Hoping Jimmy is doing ok today! Extra snuggle time for him!

What a bummer that you did not have a u/s!

I can't believe you are still getting sick every day! You poor thing. I feel awful for you!!!

Kristin (kekis) said...

How is Jimmy today? I know how scary it is. Steve said to tell Jimmy to hang in there. The first few days are the roughest, but after that you'll be right back to licking your butt and begging for treats.

Nugget is growing so much! Please tell Ed do NOT try to drink the baby. He/she is the size of a beer can, not a beer!