Monday, August 25, 2008

19 weeks

We ended up spending a few hours Saturday morning organizing our closet. Not a fun weekend activity, but I'm glad it's done. We have so much extra room now I think we can fit all of our stuff into that one closet...thanks to the organizers and to Ed getting rid of dozens of items that he hasn't worn in years. Why must men save things with holes in them anyway???

In baby news, our nugget is the size of a mango - 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces. I still listen to the heartbeat every day, and my bump is ever-growing...

I still have some random days where I don't feel so great, and my sleeping schedule isn't perfect, but all in all I'm doing great :-)

I can't believe I'm 19 weeks pregnant. It feels like I'm playing make-believe or something. We have ten days left until our Big U/S so maybe if we can find out the sex of the baby and can start saying "him" or "her" it will make it feel more real. Will I really have a baby at the end of the next 21 weeks???? I pray I'm that lucky.


Anonymous said...

Look at cute little Nugget is! Glad the closet organizing job is done. So many men have that gene that makes them hang on to stuff forever. It can be maddening. Can't wait to hear if Katie is right or I am. Don't forget to eat some ice cream. It can work wonders.

Katie said...

Look at how cute you are!!

Emily said...

You look great!!!

Glad you are feeling better (most of the time)!

Happy 19 weeks to you & Nugget!

Nine said...

That's a great looking bump! I hope these next ten days fly by! I can't wait to hear what team you'll be on!!