Monday, August 18, 2008

Spreading the Baby Dust

My brother and SIL just found out they're having a baby! They have had three miscarriages in the past 18 months and today they saw a heartbeat (6w 1d). I'm praying this one sticks for them!!


Anonymous said...

Nice belly picture and good luck to your brother and sil. Sounds like you can all use a break. Hope to hear good news for every one.

Emily said...

Congratulations! How fun will it be for little nugget to grow up with a cousin so close in age???

Best of luck to them!

Ariella said...

Sending your brother and SIL a ton of sticky dust!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

OK - this is going to sound so dumb - Everytime I read your blog I thought your background was fireworks.

It is not until today that (for whatever reason) I scrolled down a bit and saw that they are not fireworks - but dandelions (sp)?

OK - I feel like a dork :)

Baby and Me said...

Yeah, more babies!!!