Thursday, August 28, 2008

19 week appt

I had my regular peri appt yesterday and all was good. My blood pressure was an amazingly low 108/80. I was so relieved. The appt was pretty quick, they just listen to the heartbeat and send me on my way. My big u/s is a week away so that's what I'm really anxious for.

I've also gained 7 lbs. As far as I can tell that's pretty good. And now I don't feel bad about the daily milkshakes :)

Yesterday my Mom told me that as my shower gift my parents are buying us our nursery furniture. I wanted to cry. On top of everything else they give and do for us, and throwing me a shower in a few months at a very nice place, this gift is just amazing. I'll never be able to thank them enough for helping to pay for the FET cycle and now for being so generous to my baby that isn't even born yet. I think loads of hugs and kisses will be in store for Mom-Mom and Pop when this child comes!


Baby and Me said...

Yeah for the BP being down. Mine was to this last visit and its amazing what a relief it is. That is so wonderful of your parents to want to help out in all the ways they could.

Trish said...

GREAT news!!