Monday, August 4, 2008

Is 16 weeks to early????

I have another peri appt tomorrow at which I'll be 16w 2d. Do you think that's too early to find out the gender? I read things online that say it's possible, but will I be that lucky? Depending on which Old Wive's Tale I listen to, they tell me boy or girl. There is no definitive answer. My own intuition is girl, but that may just because I'm dying to dress up a little girl in all those adorable clothes. LOL.

First and foremost we want a healthy baby. And in all honesty I don't have a preference of boy or girl. Ed would love a boy. It would be the fourth generation to have his name and he'd love to carry on his family tradition.

All of this anxiety could be moot if we go in tomorrow and we can't tell. But if the dr. can see, I'm going to have her write it down and put it in an envelope. That way Ed and I can open it together at home, both being surprised at the same time. My Mom is going with me and I'm sure she'll be examining the monitor, but she'll just have to keep her opinions to herself :)

Hopefully Nugget will be spread eagle and we'll get a good peep show!!!


Melissa said...

Good luck! My friend found out the gender at 15 weeks. They wouldn't "guartanee" it that early, but they confirmed it for her at 17 weeks.. I hope you get to find out!

Ariella said...

Good luck! My big u/s is today so maybe we wil both find out.

Baby and Me said...

No harm in trying to see what your working with. I will keep my fingers crossed!

irishdo said...

Good Luck. I got an "very educated guess" at my nuchal at 13 weeks. And they were correct!

Nine said...

I hope the little nuggett flashes you something fierce! I meant to ask if you were finding out the sex. I hope things go well so you don't have to wait until the 20 week appt!

Unfortunatley for me, my DH doesn't want to know, so we aren't finding out. I don't know how I'm going to last!

Good luck tomorrow!

Katie said...

Good luck! I'm thinking it's a boy :)Can't wait to hear how the appt. goes

Anonymous said...

Good luck today. I will vote the opposite of my daughter and say "girl". I can see a curly little girl in your future.

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

I have no idea if this is too early, but good luck

Anonymous said...

I found out at 18 weeks. You may be able to find out the gender sooner, but not with as much accuracy. I just wanted to add that I have been following your story and I'm just so happy for you! I am almost 38 weeks pregnant now and it seems just like yesterday that I was 16 weeks and anxious to find out gender. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy!