Monday, February 25, 2008

Reiki...I highly recommend it.

Ed's aunt M. is very good friends with a woman S. who is licensed in practicing Reiki. Aunt M. and S. were talking one day a few weeks ago and my "situation" came up. S. told Aunt M. that Reiki might be able to help me and she encouraged me to go. It's all about spiritual healing that is supposed to help the body heal too.

And I went on Saturday.

And I loved it.

First off, to even give it a thought you have to believe in the whole Holistic medicine kind of thing. With modern medicine failing me at this point, I thought I'd could give Holistic medicine a fair shake.

I went in and the room was set up like a typcial spa room...candles, insense, soft music...very relaxing. S. did a "reading" of my body and got in-tune with me. She said she felt the presence of the Hindu Goddess that is the Mother of all Oceans (the mother-figure in that religion). Kind of fitting, huh? She then had me lay down on her massage table and she put her hands on my forehead. She got in touch with all of my Shakras and got them aligned (or whatever it was she did). She said the one is my gut was all jumbled. It was so relaxing and wonderful. I'm big into the healing power of touch and I swear I could feel the warmth from her hands radiate through my body. I really loved it.

Then when that part was done she "asked" my body questions. She had a full book shelf and wanted to know from my body what book she should read. When she got the right book, she asked my body what chapter, then what page. Then she handed me the verse to read and I just stared at it. I couldn't believe it. April 19 - The Spring Cleaning Ritual.

It was all about being calm. Control is gained through being calm, and you cannot be in control if you are not calm. I need to stop crying as that will not help.


Of course, I lost it at that point. The tears just flowed without any warning. It was telling me that I have wasted so many tears and they will not help me "win" my situation. It was like the passage was written specifically for me. It was so moving. She had me read a few more things and then put oil on my wrists that smelled lovely. It was just like my Mom's perfume when I was a child. It made me feel so comfortable. And calm.

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Tracy said...

Oh my goodness. That sounds absolutely wonderful and moving.
I hope you gain healing and calm from this!