Monday, March 14, 2011

L&D Trip #2

Friday night turned out to be more eventful than I originally had planned. Around 3pm I started having a horrible pain in my lower abdomen. I also had a lot of pressure behind my pelvic bone and seriously thought the twins were coming then. Ed was at work so I called my Mom to get a ride to the hospital. I could barely stand, let alone drive a car. My Dad was off that day so he took me while my Mom stayed home with a napping EJ. Ed was in the lobby by the time we arrived and he wheeled me up to Labor & Delivery.

They immediately hooked me up and got great heartbeats and movements from both twins. I wasn't contracting either. The pain was from something else. It took my breath away it was so bad. They did a bunch of blood work to rule out many things (including an abruption and appendicitis). They finally gave me a shot of morphine and in 20 minutes the pain was subsiding and my head was very woozy. This was almost 7pm so I had been in that pain for about 3 hours. I was exhausted. They wanted to keep an eye on me so I spent the night there. The morphine helped me get one of the best night's sleep I'd had in months :) I had a few contractions during my stay, but nothing worrisome so I went home first thing in the morning.

I'm now on modified bed rest. I get an hour in the morning to wash and dress myself and EJ and get us breakfast. I should then be a couch potato as much of the day as I can. My Mom and SIL are around a lot to help with EJ and let me rest with my feet up. I'm also supposed to stay strictly on the couch after dinner when Ed is home. It's difficult, but I'm so tired most of the time that I don't put up too much of a fight. LOL. I get out of breath very easily and the twins are SO heavy in my belly that it's exhausting to walk around too much.

Hopefully the next two months will be calm and they continue to grow as well as they have been so far.

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Dandle Dreams said...

That sounds quite scary, I am glad that it turned out okay in the end. Yes, take care of yourself and your little ones - put your feet up as much as you can, and let Ed take over for the moment.