Friday, March 11, 2011

27w 6d - Growth Scan

I had another growth scan yesterday and the twins are doing really well. Madelyn (we changed our minds from Jillian to Madelyn) is 2lbs 6oz (50%) and Jake is 3lbs (75%). Most times you hear of twins who are born so tiny so it's reassuring to hear our little girl is right on track and our boy is so big. Now, if they'll just bake long enough to keep that growth going! It's crazy to think their total weight (5lbs 6oz) is what EJ was born at. With the added weight of an extra placenta and other stuff, no wonder my belly has been feeling so HEAVY lately!

It's hard to explain just how tired I've been. Exhausted. Physically wiped out. My body wants to turn itself off after dinner. Ed has been great at taking over all EJ duties when he gets home from work. That gives me a chance to put my (swollen) feet up and rest a little while.

We're getting the cribs put together and the room decorated, but it's going a bit slowly since I can't do much at once. I also want to get my hospital bag packed just in case. I waited too long to do that with EJ and I rushed to pack my bag after an NST that confirmed I'd go in for an induction that night. I don't want to be that unprepared this time. Being in control and preparing for the twins is helping me keep sane. I can't do much of the actual physical stuff, so if I'm organized enough with my lists, Ed can get done all that is necessary. I can't wait to have my body back - I HATE not being able to do things for myself.

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Patty said...

Glad all reports are good. Won't be long now.