Wednesday, March 2, 2011

26w 4d - Third Tri!!

Everything is still going smoothly with this pregnancy. I had a check-up with my peri yesterday and my blood pressure is awesome - 114/72. My weight is good (although I disagree lol). I've gained about 25 lbs so far (only 22lbs total with EJ). But my Dr is very happy with my progress :)

We're getting settled nicely into our new house. This weekend we'll put the twins' cribs together and get their room organized. I need to make a list of all the stuff we still need, but I've ordered the double stroller and another infant car seat. It's funny to think of everything I saved from EJ and yet since we're having twins I still need to get a second of a lot of things...crib mattress, bouncer for feedings, PINK blankets (yay!!!!), etc.

EJ is doing great. He still has no clue that babies are coming and I have no idea what he'll do when he sees them. He's never been around a small baby since he was one.

I still miss Jimmy every day. Life is certainly easier with one less body to keep after, but I still feel like a part of my family is missing :( I hope the sadness lessens over time.

I go a week from tomorrow for another growth scan, and then I think I'll start them every other week instead of once a month. My peri already started my appts every other week, and she said that may be once or twice until they move me to every week. It all depends on how well things continue to progress. I don't mind going in that often, it's just more difficult having to ask my Mom to watch him so often. Oh and my Dad is retiring at the end of this month so it will be wonderful to have them both around and eager to help. I really am lucky to have such great parents :) I don't know how I would handle all of this without them!

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