Friday, September 7, 2007

We have a heartbeat!!!

I just got back from my RE and at 6w 1d I could see the heartbeat! It was such a tiny little flicker but it was strong and steady. I am still shaking from the shock of it all. This is such a huge milestone for us. I go back in 5 days and my nurse said we should be able to see the baby at that point...he/she will just be about the size of a grain of rice. I'm busting with excitement and think I'll celebrate tonight with a giant waffle cone!!!

With all the excitement I almost forgot about my nausea. Well, almost. I'm trying to keep it under control during the day by eating little snacks, but brushing my teeth is getting to be unbearable. I'm thinking I'll have to do my whole morning routine and then brush before I head out the door; instead of brushing right when I get out of bed. Who knows if that will help but I'm willing to try anything/everything to get through the morning a little easier. Oh, and forget about mouthwash. That was cause for some major dry heaves this morning (sorry if TMI). LOL.

So this excitement will carry me through the weekend! Can't wait to show DH our u/s picture...the little black hole is getting bigger!!!!!


Diana said...

That is so exciting!!! WOW, a heartbeat. It's just all so amazing. Enjoy your weekend!!!

Searching said...


watitng for His time said...

Congrats. This is wonderful news.

Thank you for your comment. It made me smile even more.