Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm having a bad day.

Not a bad day as far as my PG goes (all is fine there), just a bad day with my mood. I’m super depressed. I barely slept at all last night so I'm sure that is just compounding how terrible I feel. DH went out with his office for a fabulous dinner in Center City and I’m totally jealous. He was out having a great steak dinner (my favorite) while I was home on the couch very nauseous and trying not to puke my guts out. He called me halfway through and I heard everyone having a great time and it was all I could do to keep from hanging up on him. We are saving every penny we can so we’re not going out to dinner unless it’s cheap (a la pizza or Chinese), and he’s eating $50-a-plate meals and drinking $50 bottles of wine. I know he really deserves it for working so hard, but don’t I deserve it too? I’ve been through a f*uckload of stuff over the past 2 years of TTC and nobody has once offered to take me to a great dinner downtown. He’s also been to different sporting events, and countless fancy dinners…at least one event a month. I’m lucky if I can convince him to get wings and fries from my favorite bar (and it’s even soggy take out since I can’t eat there with all the smoke).

I know, pity party for one going on here. But I just can’t help myself today. I’ve been crying at my desk (and praying nobody walks over to me) and I just can’t get over myself today. My eyes are red and puffy and my nose is congested. I must be quite the sight! LOL.

Now he’s mad at me for not being so happy for him. He said he just wanted to share his great night with me and I couldn’t care less about hearing about it. I can’t get through to him…it’s not about me not being happy for HIM, I am. But that’s just it. HE is the one getting all the great stuff. But what about me? I deserve it too.

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Diana said...

You do deserve it too! You are probably more upset than normal due to the hormones. Try to calm down and then talk to DH tonight and tell him you just want one nice dinner to celebrate. I'm sure once you explain it he'll agree.