Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been put on "pelvic rest"

I went for my 8 week ultrasound today and the baby looks great! The little squirt is measuring right on track and has a heartbeat of 136 bpm. WONDERFUL! The only concern was that I had a blood clot in my uterus. My nurse and RE both said it wasn't alarming, but that I was being put on "pelvic rest" exercising, no lifting, no sex, no orgasms. It's been six weeks (since a few days before my ER) since DH and I have been allowed to and I really miss him!!!! Oh well, it's all for the good of our baby :-)

I go back on Monday for a follow up u/s so hopefully the clot is starting to dissipate by then. Other than that, I feel great. My nausea is very minimal today. But it's still almost impossible to brush my teeth. My gag reflex is super sensitive.

My SIL got her BFP a few days ago so she'll be due just a few weeks after me. My Mom will be in heaven with all this baby stuff. I did however tell her I wanted my own baby shower :-)

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Diana said...

Too bad for the pelvic rest but YAY for baby growing on track!!!