Wednesday, September 12, 2007

6 weeks 6 days – ultrasound

All looks good! I had another ultrasound this morning and our little squirt looks perfect. The heart beat is 130 – right on track. He/she is measuring 3.7 mm. I just have a huge sigh of relief every time I go in and see that things are progressing just as they should.

I’ll be a nervous wreck when the time comes that I only see my regular OB once a month. Maybe I’ll invest in one of those home Dopplers??? DH will think I’m nuts, but that will give me such peace of mind in between appointments. I go back in another week and my nurse said that will probably be my last visit with them. I cannot wait to “graduate” from my RE to a regular OB. That will be yet another huge milestone for us!


Searching said...

Congrats! Good, strong heartbeat! :) At least half of the pregnant nurses on my unit get dopplers until they feel their baby kick and then are reassured that way. The ones that don't still take a minute of their break to use the unit's to check on the baby. I think it's normal to be concerned. Check into the prices, I don't think it's too much to rent one.

Diana said...

Graduate from the RE, ugh that will be so hard. I feel at home there and they are all so wonderful.

Great news about the little one, glad s/he is growing strong! Keep it up!

Busted said...

Congratulations! Such great news. Good luck with your "graduation".