Wednesday, April 27, 2011

L&D #5...aka The Girl Who Cried Wolf

First off, today is my 33rd birthday. Happy Birthday to me :D

I went for a mani and pedi this morning, then out to lunch, and finally took a nice long nap. That nap was needed after last night...

I started having consistent contractions around 6pm. I timed them for over an hour and I had once every 4-6 minutes. I called my peri and she had me head to L&D...this could be it! I got all hooked up to the monitors and the babies sounded great and we could see my contractions coming quickly. They weren't very intense, but they were constant. My regular appt was that afternoon and I was dilated to 1cm, and I was the same in L&D that evening. So after two hours of being monitored, and no change in my cervix, I was sent home. What a let down. We really thought that was going to be it and my twins could be delivered on my birthday. Oh well.

They're doing great and I can't believe how far I've made it in this pregnancy! My blood pressure has been great, and no protein in my urine. Looks like we may get a few more weeks before their arrival.

Oh, and we have a date set...if they don't come before then, my c-section is set for Tuesday, May 24th. I love having a date in my head as my "due date" and know that is the longest I'll have to hold on to the twins. They are getting heavier every day and I literally feel every ounce they gain. My body is not my own and my stomach often looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket, each going a different direction. Haha. I've gained almost 40lbs at this point and my belly is measuring 55cm (should only be 34cm with a singleton). As my husband so eloquently put it, I am "ridiculously huge". Thanks babe, I appreciate that. LOL.

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Tracy said...

Oh, my! And congrats to you too. I can't wait. :)