Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great appt today - 5w 5d

Everything looked great at my u/s today. Ed went with me so he could see (with me for the first time) our two little ones with heartbeats thumping away! I just love those little flickers :)

I was told, however, that twins bring an increased risk for GD. So my RE said to limit my carbs and ice cream. WHAT?!?!?! That is seriously all I want to eat these days. So he said I could have them for breakfast and lunch, but try to avoid them for dinner. And I don't care what anyone says, I'm taking that to mean I can have a sundae for breakfast :D

My nausea is still out of control, so I got my script for Zofran. My RE said it was scary that I asked for it by name. I told him I've been around that block before and I know what I need. LOL. He also told me that a generic PNV wouldn't do since I'm having twins and need double the Folic Acid. So now I'm buying the "good" stuff at $65 a month. Ouch. Hopefully we'll hit our deductible soon and they'll be covered for the rest of my pregnancy since our insurance year ends July 31.

My list of meds I'm currently on:
Estradiol - 2x daily
Zofran - 3x daily (drop to 2x when needed)
PIO - AM shot
PNV - at bedtime
Folic Acid - 2x daily
Lovenox - AM shot
Baby aspirin - at bedtime
Colace - 1-3x daily as needed.

Here is today's picture (sorry it's a little dark and hard to see). One of you ladies once said that they look like diamond rings at this point, and I think you're so right! They're pretty symmetrical a this point, which I'm told is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

sweet!!!!! I can go to bed now!!!

BTW - I hope you got the dissolvable zofran!

Stacie said...

Hi there... I have been a reader of your blog for quite a while now... since you were trying to get pregnant with your son. Congratulations on your new pregnancy! I wish you a healthy pregnancy with two healthy babies being brought into this world. I read today about your medications, and also read that you need to meet your deductible for your PNV's. I know that Lovenox is very expensive, and I have eight 100mg syringes left over from when my husband had to use them for a pulmonary embolism in July. Please let me know if you need them or would like them. I tried calling the famous CCRM to donate them, but they never returned my call.

Dandle Dreams said...

Dessert for breakfast sounds good to me. Plus if you use strawberry topping, it's practically a fruit salad.

Congratulations on your two beautiful heartbeats. What wonderful news.